2 comments on “Nightmare Concert (1990)

  1. I have to strongly disagree here, Mike. ‘Nightmare Concert’ is a POS and one of Lucio Fulci’s very worst. A good idea so badly executed it’s cringe making. I always thought Fulci was a better giallo director than a horror filmmaker. ‘The Beyond’ is his only truly great horror film and COTLD and THBTC are the only other two of his horror works I genuinely enjoy. Everything he did after that last movie there was God-awful and ‘Zombie’ is way overrated although that’s not too bad.

  2. I understand where you’re coming from, Dave. I for one beleive his most competant film is Zombie. From start to finish there are no plot holes and everything presented makes sense and wraps up nicely at the end of the film. The Beyond, COTLD and THBTC are fine films (and some of my Fulci favorites), but also have plot holes throughout. And while Nightmare Concert is far from perfect, you only have to look at some of his late 80s films to see that Nightmare Concert isn’t even close to his worse. Films such as Manhattan Baby, Aenigma, Touch of Death, House of Clocks and The Sweet House of Horrors are horrible from a story telling point and in many cases a filmmaking point as well.

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