11 comments on “Troll 2 (1990)

  1. I *just* watched Best Worst Movie on Netflix the other day and loved it. I had no idea this was such a cult fave! Now I MUST see it. If I can last through it, that is. Thanks for taking one for the team, Mike.

  2. “Yet even D’Amato wasn’t able to save Troll 2 from becoming what is now known as, the “best worst movie” ever (and no, I don’t subscribe to this).”

    Preach! There are a lot better, should I say more watchable, good bad movies lurking out there, including Zombi 3. I’m impressed that you could even finish watching Troll 2.

  3. You sat through this twice? Good man! I love a movie that has no connection to its title, but I’m not sure if I have the guts for this one. Well done for seeing it through.

    • Thanks for commenting. Read your review as well, nice job. And if you haven’t seen Cannibal Ferox I suggest you do if you love Italian horror.

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